We realise the importance of sharing God’s word with the world.  As part of the vision here at HisHouse Church, support goes to multiple churches in Zimbabwe. We also partner with Bethesda Ministries International in many other nations around the world.
In 2005, our pastor Hanna Fakhouri, teamed up with Pastor Shepherd, a Zimbabwean, armed with the vision of meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Zimbabwe. The practicalities of this effort have been focused on teaching the Bible, caring for the children and helping the people to become self-sufficient. Since that small beginning, the mission effort in Zimbabwe has exploded and is reaching out into other African nations. Pastor Shepherd and His wife Porai, now  pastors in Grace Outreach Assemblies in Australia, reach out to Zimbabwe under the name Living Faith Ministries International, based in Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe.
 The children of Zimbabwe are a big part of the Living Faith Ministries International outreach. Eighty kilometres outside Bulawayo, they currently own around nine acres, on which they have a community church centre and a medical clinic. The newly sunk bore for fresh water is being put to good use. The goals for 2022 include opening the clinic and further exploring self- sufficient farming projects.