In Philippians 2:2, Paul encourages us to be
like-minded and one in spirit and purpose.
Commonly held core values are the keys to unity
and the foundation upon which all church activity must
be based. The following core values were formulated
by our church leadership  team and we endeavour to
express them through every aspect of church life.
Our church will:
*  Be Christ Focused: acknowledging that salvation is through Jesus Christ, the head of the church, who is the only way to a relationship with God. Our people will live holy, passionate lives, set apart for Jesus.
* Be Bible Based: a church living under the authority of the Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments. Our people will be avid studiers of the Word.
* Be Spirit Filled: allowing the Holy Spirit to function within the Church. Our members will learn to operate in their God given gifts and manifest the fruit of the Spirit.
* Be Worshipful: expressing devotion to God through joyful praise. Our members will express intimate worship by living a daily lifestyle of prayer, praise, worship and the giving of finances, time, talents and spiritual gifting, serving God and each other in love by developing their God giving abilities.
* Promote Character and Integrity: in the lives of its leaders and members.
* Be Relational: embracing the concept of the church as a family where each member is valued part of larger church family, regardless of age, gender, race or marital status. All people will walk into its doors and feel like they have come home.
* Be Compassionate and Caring: concerned with meeting the needs of people.
* Be Community  Based: committed to reaching out to people in our local community, nation, and the world.
* Be Transformational: so renowned for the life-change it produces in believers that it cannot be ignored. It will be a church whose members are wholeheartedly involved.
* Be unified: committed to working together in accordance with these core values.