40 Days of Power Through Prayer and Fasting

Why 40 days?

The Bible tells of several significant events that took this specific span of time and God wants to do something significant in your life, too. Not only does He long to draw you into closer fellowship with Him, He also wants to minister to others through you.


Why pray & fast for 40 days?

  • 40 Days of Sacrifice will draw us closer to Him.
  • 40 days of intentional time apart abiding in the LORD can deepen our love for Him and our ability to rest in and carry Jesus’ presence!
  • 40 Days of prayer and fasting can increase the effectiveness of our prayers by sharpening the way we pray – so we pray according to our Father’s heart; His will not ours!
  • 40 Days of prayer and fasting can help us learn how to overflow loving encouragement and support to those who need to feel God’s presence– those who don’t know Jesus, are ill, frail, or captive by sin.
  • These 40 Days can impact the life of others forever. We expect abundant life to flow to those we love most and pray for daily! We expect God to move by the power of His Holy Spirit!


How can I fast for 40 days?

  • You can fast as it seems right to you. It isn’t necessarily 40 days without food.
  • For 40 days you might miss one meal a day or one day a week.
  • You might fast from meat and rich foods – like Daniel, or from desserts, coffee, negativity, TV, Social Media or something else you may like. What you choose to fast should represent a noticeable sacrifice in your personal life.
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